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Relationship Building and Senior Health

Relationship Building and Senior Health

Making new friends can be challenging, no matter what age you are. Opportunities to meet and connect with new people dwindle as one gets older, and medical issues make socializing even harder. As a provider of home nursing care, we have noticed this to be a common issue for our patients and families. Strong feelings of loneliness and isolation can begin to creep in.

It is important for you and your aging loved one’s caretakers to stay informed about social opportunities for elderly people. These can help improve your senior’s emotional well-being. Building relationships is vital for seniors because:

  • It improves mental health.
    Retirement years are not filled with only happy days. Seniors still face problems just like anyone in any age group. Loss of loves ones, medical diagnoses, chronic pain or discomfort, loss of independence, can all take a toll on mental health.
  • It improves physical health.
    When seniors feel isolated, they tend to do less. This lack of physical activity causes muscle loss and the weakening of bones. Small activities like meeting up with a friend for a morning walk can have far-reaching health benefits.
  • It strengthens the mind.
    Seniors, including those receiving dementia care in Illinois, can benefit from social interaction. Being social with others allows seniors to use their minds more as they communicate with others. It can even help them recall happy memories they have made with their loved ones.

A good place to start to find social opportunities for your aging loved one is your local senior center. If you’d like help caring for your loved one and help with fostering their social relationships, give Dimensions Home Health Care a call at 847-360-7660.

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